Life’s Little Steps   [click here…]
[Printed : Selected for Blogprint – Penguin Publication ]
“Sweetheart, could you please drop in at the post-office for some stamps today? We need to mail those invitations by tomorrow. It’s already pretty late. Please, you know how your mother is about these things. Besides it’s just round the corner from your office.” Yes a call from high-command, my wife, and a dash to the post-office imperative.

Vanished   [click here…]
[Published in DNA]
“Ma, my necklace has vanished!!!” wailed my twenty-three year old, Meera.
“What do you mean by vanished?” I shrieked, alarmed!

My Motherland Beckons   [click here…]
[Selected in Sulekha.com competition]

Like an eagle the plane soars, far far away to the unknown,
To a brand new start, to a fresh beginning!
The Foreign land calls, it’s the start of a new life,
A quest, an adventure, a Joyous Crossing!


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