Its a Good World After All [click here…]
I have young children, but of course I love them. Of course they have changed my world. Just like most parents, I worry about their future.

Just another day…in the Life of a New Yorker  [click here…]
Just back from the gym. Normally after the hour spent there, the few minutes on the treadmill and cycle and of course the rest gossiping with my pal leave me quite refreshed. Totally at peace!

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire [click here…]
Is honesty always the best policy? But Of course!
Should one always speak the truth? But Of course!
Do you always speak the truth? But of course!
Straightforward questions, apparent answers….but of course!

All Work and no Play [click here…]
I just heard that my neighbor had a heart attack this morning. He is just thirty nine, having two gorgeous children and a loving wife.

“We work almost twelve hours everyday, sometimes even weekends!” I remember him boasting just a few days back. Is this really a fact to be proud of? Is this what we should be doing? Well, is this what society in general is striving for? All work and no play?

A Few Good Words [click here…]
“And when I said thank you to not only to the dhobi but also the bhaji-walla, the vegetable guy, they were taken aback, just stared back. And you can imagine my sister’s reaction too.” Giggled my neighbor, Smita.


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