Mums the Word

It’s a Good World After All  [click here…]
I have young children, but of course I love them. Of course they have changed my world. Just like most parents, I worry about their future.


Sleep like a Baby  [click here…]
Rubbing my eyes I read those words again. I can’t help it, I start giggling. Hubby first glares and then stares at me. He is definitely alarmed. Well he’s been a little worried about my mental stability lately, a sleep deprived zombie that I’ve been. It’s 3:00AM.

The Child in me [click here…]
Celebrating children’s day, children’s tales based on proverbs:
A friend in need is a friend indeed!
Better late than never!
Cut your coat according to your cloth!

The Magic of Enid Blyton [click here…]
The air is sprinkled with magic! It’s a charming spring day.
The chirping birds, the dazzling butterflies and the sweet fragrance in the air fill me with bliss and harmony. And there I see her, by the side of the lake; lost…She is totally lost in the book she holds. She is far away. She is but ten years old. I catch a glimpse of the book, of the cover…I am as if possessed…


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