Her and Me


She was flowing water, I was the Sturdy Shore.
We battled, we were baffled ,
never stood hand in hand, felt we needed some more.
Her and me, how were we meant to be?

I was mystified by her purity, her simplicity.
She was puzzled by my questions, by my Practicality.
I never could accept Fate, She embraced Faith blindly.
Her and me, why were we meant to be?

We painted varied Stokes, walked our own ways.
And one day it dawned – it was all the same,
Different trails, yet the same end game.
She labeled it Destiny, for me it was Liberty…

Love and Laughter to be shared, sorrow to be set Free…
Complementary Vibrations creating Blissful Symphony,
Her and me,
No wonder we were just meant to be.



My Motherland Beckons

[Selected in Sulekha.com competition]

Like an eagle the plane soars, far far away to the unknown,
To a brand new start, to a fresh beginning!
The Foreign land calls, it’s the start of a new life,
A quest, an adventure, a Joyous Crossing!

All is so strange, oh so different!
Towering Sky-scrapers, Captivating landscape,
I am amazed, I am charmed, ever so dazed.
All the glitter and glamour, I grasp for some more,
Orderliness and perfection, I take it all, ever so eager, ever so unfazed!

All seems so wonderful, oh so flawless and serene,
As days become months and months become years.
But why these childish thoughts? Yet why these silly tears?
What is it that I have lost, what is it that I am missing?

The plane skids to a grinding halt.
I rouse with a start, with a jolt!
The trace so familiar, the air so dear,
My lips tremble, my heart skips a beat,
Oh the scent of my motherland, oh so divine, ever so sweet!

I pray and rejoice,
I break into a dance and song,
I’ve got back what was lost,
Thank god I am home,Back where I belong!

Happy Independence Day to all!!!

Yesterday She Smiled!

Yesterday would have been long gone,
Forgotten, lost.
Filed away somewhere.
Never to be ever recalled.
Never to be ever remembered.
Till she smiled!

Yesterday I had almost buried.
Buried, banished
Within the pile of everydays,
It was almost dull.
It was almost dreary.
Till she smiled!

Yesterday is etched in my memory for eternity,
Cherished, treasured.
To be recollected over and over again.
It is most precious.
It is most prized.
For Yesterday she smiled!

Yesterday, her smile changed my world.
Toothless, guileless,
Warming my heart, bringing tears to my eyes.
It was Magic!
It was a Miracle,
To see my Child smile the very first time.

In Defence of Einstein – it’s all Relative!

The oblong face, the unruly mop of hair,
The popping electric eyes, the long forehead
One look at me and my Mama shrieked,
One look at me and my Papa boomed,
“Heavens he looks like Einstein!”

I started crawling, I started mumbling,
I learnt to talk, I even learnt to walk,
But as a baby ne’er in the mirror I would stare,
Cause right back at me,
Einstein would glare!!!

Oh those energetic wonder years, those school years,
But for me they were full of tears,
Life was fine till one winter day, for us the Principal sent,
To the High school science exhibit,
We all went…
One look at the poster on the wall,
And my life crumpled, it turned upside down!
From that day on, I did learn to cover the inner tears with an everlasting frown!
They all laughed and they all did tease, from that day on, I was never at ease.
Oh, how I hated that I looked like Einstein.

I tried everything – chop my hair but magically it grew right back.
Trimming, Shaving, threading – my brows I did attack
But it hopeless, and for cosmetic surgery the courage I did lack.
And by college years, I merely resigned to my fate
I just accepted that forever I would look like Einstein!

Life went on, and our paths collided,
A magnetic young lady came into my life,
I was surprised, I felt blessed,
When gladly she became my wife,
She ne’ver did care that I looked like Einstein!

Life was relatively fun, as months turned into years,
Almost had subsided my fears,
Till the stork decided to visit.
One look at my little baby, so small, so sweet, oh so fine!
I almost stopped caring that we both looked like Einstein.
And one summer day, a little daunted, a little shy,
Yet again I visited the Physics lab, trying to forget the years gone by…
Proudly my little girl ran up to me,
Loudly she declared for all to see,
See my dad and me, we are so lucky”,
For we both look exactly like Einstein!’

I Pray

I see her falter, I see her fall.
I hope she rises above it all.

I see her, yet she does not see.
I wish the darkness would spare her…
Instead, it could swallow me.

Today, on knees I question, I fret, I am in tears
I pray tomorrow the darkness will have all vanished.
That there will be no more fears.

I see her falter, I see her fall.
I pray she rises above it all.

Her shadows fill me with despair.
It has been a deep dark night.
Yet, I must go on, I must rise.
Only for her, I have to fight.

She is a fighter,
She is my inspiration, my joy my light.
And soon I hope,
She will fill me with carefree delight.

I see her falter, I see her fall.
I know, she will rise above it all.
She has to rise above it all.