It’s a Good World After All

I have young children, but of course I love them. Of course they have changed my world. Just like most parents, I worry about their future. Just like many, I worry about the way things are going from bad to worst. Often I think about how everything was so much easier during my growing years. The world was so much better back then…

Yet today a post made me ponder.
It was an open letter from a loving young father to his newborn daughter.
This post made me rethink – maybe the world is not that bad really. In fact maybe it is a much better place today. Yes, maybe it’s a good world after all!

Yes of course competition has increased but so has opportunity. Today there are many more jobs and beyond that, there is a variety of jobs to choose from. In fact a hobby, a passion can be cultivated to bring in not only bread and butter but much more. The society I grew up in, to be an Engineer or Doctor was the goal. Today Sky is the limit for those dreamers who dare soar.

As a woman, I see my life is so much different than my mother’s and I know my daughter’s will be much more richer than mine. She will definitely have many more choices and will face lesser hurdles. There would be more doors she could knock on and the mountains would be easier to climb as others have already kept their footprints for her to follow. I hope she makes her mark, leaves her own footprints without hesitation – It will be her choice.

Yes, definitely Technology has brought us so much closer now. Just a couple of decades ago a mother’s heart would skip a beat by the thought of her child venturing overseas. Yes even today a mother’s heart does skip a beat, but the worry is much less. She knows her young one is just a phone call away; a quick video chat is all it takes. Yes today we are definitely more connected. In fact in many cases, technology has helped not only stay connect but help us reconnect.

Today, we are no longer defined by our History, no longer held back by our Geography.

I believe appreciation and awareness has definitely increased. I see more appreciation for numerous arts and crafts, besides that of age-old practices like Yoga. We are not only more appreciative about the divinity of arts and crafts, but also more aware on issues ranging from obesity, proper nourishment to cleanliness and even natural resources. Advances in technology, more educated people have helped bring this change.

Of course we are just learning to value our resources. Maybe it’s the need of the hour. But definitely things are improving towards the better today. A couple of months back, I was at a friend’s for lunch. There were some left-overs – her daughter made it a point to wrap everything in recycled bags and boxes. This was something our generation never thought about but this generation is learning and learning fast!

And we are also learning to be a little less selfish. I see middle class or even the so-called lower class making more contributions towards helping others as and when. Either hearts have become bigger or pockets have. Either ways, this is definitely a change for the better.

Ofcourse there are the obvious changes which have made the world so much better today. Lifespans have definitely increased. Machines and tools have made manual work so much less. And there are many more.
Yes, surely need to revisit this post again and again – am sure this list is endless!

The post that made me ponder was by a young father – Mark Zuckenberg ; co- father of facebook. His post was more focused on how he and his wife would be contributing to make this world a better place for his little girl and the new generation. His post also made me reflect on how I could contribute, how we could make this world a better place for our little ones. I know I am not a Warren Buffet but I hope to make a little difference. How, am not sure , but I sure wish to be able to contribute in my own way…

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
-Winston Churchill